Best way to render multiple characters in eevee?

Working on a project in which i need to render a crowd of 20 people… in eevee… the more characters i put in the scene, the longer the scene takes to render… it almost doubles render time when I add one character…

I have thought of using subdivided characters only in the meshes close to the camera… The only thing I have thought so far.

I would like to discuss, in this topic, techniques to improve render speed in eevee for multiple characters.

My estimation in technical terms is that game engines are heavily optimized with hundreds of techniques to be able to achieve crazy fast FPS. Such as for example Unreal4+RTX might make Blender rendering obsolete at some point, I see it coming…

However for Blender rendering engines (EEVEE / Cycles) there is not that optimization mentality because the goal is to maintain an academically correct approach to the code. Doing clever hacks is always “corrupting” the correct approach and goes 100% the other way.

Also the mentality of CG rendering is that is supposed to be offline (not real time) and heavily composited at a later stage. So taking this mindset into regard you can counter attack all of the limitations of speed only with compositing.