Best way to rig a looong tail for animation? (bones already existing)

I have a dragon model that has a tail of 29 bones currently (see attached screen)
Because it’s an imported already rigged model (probably imported from 3ds max i think), the bones are just existing as it with not any constraints and so it’s awful and terribly long to animate bone per bone to make the tail move realistically.

What do you think would be the best way to make the tail cool to control in this case? I tried putting an IK solver at the top (last bone) of it but it’s too long to be handy.

I think what i would need ideally would be have 3 to 5 bones that permit to control the different parts of the tail and a bone to make it work in IK (staying in place when i move the dragon body)
I’m searching from my side and will post if i find a cool way, thanks by advance if you have an idea

Old, but still works. Also take a look at splineIK or curve modifier.

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thanks you!