Best way to say "Rendered With Blender"?

I have done some renderings for a website, and I’d like to imprint them somehow to say “Rendered With Blender”. I could put that text in a caption. I could stick a blender logo on some corner. What is the preferred way to acknowledge the use of blender for modeling and rendering a creative work?

Does anybody have a python script that will allow one to automagically affix a blender decal to a rendered work?

i think the best way to do it is to design it by youself in a 2D graphics app. as photoshop or gimp and add it at the bottom of your work.

Simple text look nice !

Thanks for your response. It inspired a wonderful search tangent that I blogged about here:

you could use image magic and just script it to composite you overlay on all your pictures

Or you could use Blender’s text and composite it in with Blender’s own compositor.

Not how I would do it, I’m just sayin’ - you could :wink:

You could also use the composite nodes to imprint a watermark on your render. :eyebrowlift: