Best way to size up clothes

Hi guys
So I am using the method of dupicting the body to make the clothes to get the weight painting info. But after duplication what is the best way to resize the clothes so they fit tight as possible. I have as many as 3 layers of clothes on some and they look like they about to float away and I still get bodyparts clothes poking through even then.

Any advice?

alt - s does normal scaling methinks.

shrink wrap deformation modifier?
it might take a little work but should be very useful if you need to use the same clothing for a different character.

Solidify, set temp material for inside and edges, select by material, delete not needed mesh?

eppo: not needed for ages (around 2.6x-2.7x), untick both “only rim” and “fill rim” and they are two separate meshes.

The best way is to use the Mesh Deform IMO.

It allows you to conform clothes (even tight ones) to a character:

The wire mesh is used as meh deform, and the character and her outfit are two different objects. I used a mesh deform modifier on both (character and outfit) with the same settings (precision 7, dynamic enabled in this case).

It works for more complex outfits too (I can show more examples).

Thx for the replies guys. Alt-s looks like what i need could not get the mesh deform to do anything my item stayed exactly the same maybe because it had weight paint?. Shrinkwrap is useful at times cept if its a robe dress etc which needs a bit of flare. I was using the inflate sculpt tool would set it really small then paint the mesh till nothing poked through worked ok for the most part.