Best way to start this?

Hello all blender fans! I am new to the forms and still pretty new to blender. I know someone has done this or plans to and could help out a fellow blender person.

I would like to start to make a game and do all the work or most of it by myself with my spare time. There are many aspects to a game and would like an idea where to even begin? Im trying to avoid by being eattin alive and wanting to quit because its just to much all at once.

My idea of what type of game I would like to make is a Shooter type game. Something similar to COD series but different. I have played a lot of the shooter games and have got lots of ideas to combine and changed about every game I have played.

What do you think would be the best way to start laying out to make this slowly start to happen for me.

there are some very good fps templates around in this forums,

just using the forum search should give you lots of results.

social for example made one, and other very skilled people too.

just look at one of those for an example how it could work.


I suggest modelling, texturing and animating (if they need animating) a few things first, so:
-A gun or two
-A enemy
-A little bit of the environment

That way you can put all these together and have a test environment, where you can start working on the moving, shooting, changing guns, AI ect.

When you get that to a reasonable state work all you have to do is make the levels, HUD and menu. Too easy.

deacent graphics
some nice supplies
some kind of story line
and optimized for smooth gameplay also smart physics