Best way to stitch the Celestia Earth textures together

So I’m wondering the best way to stitch the Celestia Earth textures togther (as in the title).
Does anyone know of a good way to do this? I could do it w/material nodes, GIMP, or anything.
Help would be much appreciated.

I don’t know ;-( but thanks for the link, I have an idea I might pursue that needs good earth textures
so if I find out before you I’ll let you know and I’ll be watching for any tips from the pros lol

I think you need to be more specific…
Are you talking about the color, cloud and normal map images so you can make an Earth model? Or, are you talking about the high res tiles that need to be stitched together to make a complete map?

Sorry about that…
I meant the high res tiles that come in the textures folder.

You can do that in GIMP, or you can just get one already stitched together. Either from NASA, or by clicking the link on that page.

Awesome, thanks!