Best Way To Texture This?

Hey there,

Im new to this forum and indeed to blender. And so i have a quick question with regards to this slightly more complex, second ever model i made which i intend on putting into a Half Life 2 map.

I would like to know what the best approach to texturing this shack would be with regards to the UV Map? For instance is it wise to bunch all the boards together over the top of one another above a single board texture on the uvmap?

Hmmm, its tough to explain what im getting at, but i have a picture of the shack… how would you go about texturing this?

Thanks in advance


Well, I didn’t understud that part of your question with “bunch all the boards together…” but I would create that model like this:

  1. Create 1 long bar and UV map it.
  2. Same with 1 short bar.
  3. Create duplicates of those bars and place them where they go
  4. Create 1 thick carrier traverse and UV map it.
  5. Same with thin carrier traverse
  6. Nake duplicates of those traverses and place them where they go
  7. Create ceiling and floor and create UV map for them.
  8. Place floor and ceiling at their place

If I wuld like a single model of that shack, I wuld join all those parts in to a single mesh and then I would adjust UVs to avoid any overlaping of different type parts (traverses with bars or ceiling). Parts of same type should overlap except in case that I wish to have a different texture for every single part.

Well, this is only one way to make this in Blender, I’m shure that you’ll find a method that suits you the best.
After all, I’m not very expirienced modeler so take this advices with that in mind :slight_smile: But I hope that I have helped just a bit :slight_smile:


Hey Damir,

I think you understood without realising cause you basically answered what i was ‘trying’ to ask.

I am currently/was UV’ing each individual ‘board’ of the mesh which i already joined together. This is taking a long long time, so i think your method will be alot quicker. However, it will mean i have to esentially re-build what i have right?

Well, actually yes. You will have to recreate all those bars. But that will be much faster then making a separate uv for every and each of them. In fact, I have created simmilar shack while I have answering to your first question and it taked 20 minutes of my time. With all uv maping. But you have to trust me on my word because I didn’t saved that model :slight_smile:
You can separate that ceiling and floor and uv map them. But those bars should be recreated.


If you use damir’s technique, you don’t have to recreate all of them.

Just texture one of the bars, then make it active, select all the other similar bars and do Object -> Make Links -> Mesh Data (Ctrl L). This will make all the other selected objects share the active objects mesh data, as if it was an ‘Alt D’ linked duplicate. You can then join them up together and tweak as you like.

Broken has right, I have forgot about that option. If you do how he says, you’ll actually create instances of one bar. Every change that you make on that bar (or any other instance of that bar) will reflect in all other bars. That doesnt mean that you cann’t move, scale or rotate individual bars without reflection of those changes, only changes on mesh it self, like changing position of individual vertices in edit mode, will reflect. After that, if you need again to have separated bars, select bars that you want to separate and do [Make single User-> Object & ObData] or [Make single User->Object & ObData & Materials+Tex] if you need separated material and texture.



Well, that was too little too late. I went ahead and re created all of them. How i wish i’d have checked this sooner.

ANYWAY, i now have another problem. When i did some quick textures in blender to get a feel for the shack, i applied the supporting leg posts with a light brown texture. Anyway, now that im working on the UV texture and have applied it to the model, these older textures are still showing through… any ideas how to fix this? (Pics included)

EDIT: Just to re-cap i have 3 materials in the scene: The UV Map, a now Blue material and a now Red material. The problem is that i cant seem to be able to un-assign these problem materials from those areas of geometry. (Even though in the 3D View it displays with all UV-Mapping)

Can i somehow delete those problem materials from the scene? DOes it matter thet the model is all 1 mesh now? ARGH, i hate not knowing.

Thanks again peeps


Maybee u have 2 textures assigned to materials, that’s the only reason that I can think of why you still see old textures…
See this image below for details

Note that you will still see unlinked material in material list untill you save and reopen your blend file.