Best way to unwrap "boardgame thick form".

What is the easiest way to get a good unwrap from an item that is about 2 milimeters thick but isn’t a rectangle?

I insterted an example. I get very strange unwraps, and I can’t just put the .jpg on it.

Is there any way to get the unwrap as a 1:1 copy of the jpg the mesh was created from (via Inkscape)?

Or any way to just put a .jpg into blender and give it a thickness? I taught myself Blender in 1 week (well the very basics), and I managed to find out a lot, but this is very hard for me. I tried adding seams but maybe I don’t get where they are to be put. I put them at the thin bottom of the model all around the model but it didn’t look much better.

What happens if I “drag” points in the unwrap? Does that change something in the mesh or is that a good thing so I can drag my stuff into position?

Your mesh is quite messy.

The easiest way would be to go into top view,select all faces and then press U (to unwrap) and select “project from view”.You can manually resize it in the UV editor then.Though you should probably clean up your mesh before doing that.

Project from view means he will “paste” the image on what I’m seeing? That will help a lot, thnx. What is so messy about my mesh? It was automatically created vom an .svg. What should I change?

When you unwrap, it is like flattening out an regular box. There is top, sides and bottom to this flat pattern. It is hinged at some corner and disconnected the other. Since your object have thickness it has sides to it all around. Blender is trying bend it up to make it flat.

Tell Blender how you want it to unwrap by marking seams first:

Thnx ridix! Using the method BloodHound provided I got a pretty good covering of the whole thing. The only problem is to cover the other side, too. I guess I just need to copy the graphic 2 times into the same file so I can unwrap both sides onto one copy of the cardboard each (mirrored of course).

The only thing I need help with atm is how to un-mess my mesh (it’s pretty meshy? ;P)

How does that work? What is bad about it? I realized that I have a small part of the side wall in the mesh, I will repair that now, but the rest is looking pretty good with BloodHound’s method:

1 more question: I redid the whole thing more cleanly, and now simply scaling the projected unwrap would be enough, BUT I have to move the whole thing to the left or right. I used all buttons I could think of, but how do I move the whole unwrapped mesh “grid” thing in the UV/Image Editor?

To add to DCBloodHound’s answer, if you pick “project from view (bounds)” it will automatically scale the UVs to fit the bounds of the image perfectly.

to get the thin edge to unwrap straight, unwrap one of the polygons from the thin edge and make sure it’s got the right proportion, and then select the rest of the polygons in the thin edge (but make sure the unwrapped one is the active selected one) and then unwrap using the follow active quad option.

As you would move something in the 3d viewport. Select and G etc. It is just the same as the 3d viewport but with only 2 dimensions
To move/scale the whole UV area use MMB

Sorry Richard, I only learned to use the software in 5 days straight. Didn’t know about G at all, used Shift F to fly around all the time. Thanks a lot!

Captain, I think I understand what you are talking about with unwrapping ONE part and then he will line up the rest that has the same width next to the one automatically. That is neat and I will try it!

I still didn’t get an answer about how to “un-mess” my mesh. Is there a way to change the triangles? Some of them are SO small I missed them when I tried to click one side of the thing multiple times and had to re-do the unwrap over and over again. Now I look more closely so it is ok, but what did you mean with “don’t make it such a mess?”

Can I also move stuff in the “F12” mode? So when I see the render? Or is that always the camera position (I have to read into how to change what you see when hitting F12)?

It’s like at photographer’s - sit down, chin up, smile, don’t move, here you go. Nothing can move while F12 render frame happens.
You can move things (including Camera) around while in preview render mode though. To have camera “see” what you see on the screen hit Ctrl-Alt-zero key on numpad. Sometimes Camera jumps too close- select Camera hit G and press/release middle mouse button. Slide mouse forth/back to position as you need. If you now rotate Scene view will go away from camera view - hit 0 on numpad to see through camera again.

To your wall. I’d say go for it one more time. Set background image, Ortho view (numpad 5) and add Plane. Switch to wireframe mode. Move plane to start from the lower left corner of the wall image; move x 2 right vertices so that plane covers first opening. There are two of them - you can reuse one you will make. Use Ctrl-R to make two loopcuts and if plane was symmetrical from the middle of the first opening while in adjustment you can scale loops to get where widest part of the opening is. Add two more loops and position edges so that width is the same as the top part of the opening. Make two loops across.
Now you have all the needed vertices to form opening - move on x middle edges (you can select two and Scale apart). See if you have vertices for the top, if not, make loopcuts (Ctrl-R) again. Select needed edges at the top - e to extrude.
One part is done - select all verts and Shift-D, X to copy and move next opening.
Select rightmost vertical edges and extrude to where central part starts.
Select upper vertex and Ctrl-mouse click, tracing the top part. Select traced vertices and e extrude Y. Scale SY0 to get flat line.
To get horizontal lines use K knife. KC will draw strictly horizontal lines; cross all and hit Enter.

To be sure remove doubles (w - Remove Doubles) and Ctrl-N make normals consistent.
Select right lower vertex and Shift-S cursor to selected, Switch Object mode and on Toolshelf Set Origin to 3D cursor.
Now you can UV unwrap from view add materials, texture and Mirror modifier - this will take care of the right part of the wall.
Surely takes less time than write this :).

Hm Eppo I’, trying to undersand what you are saying, and I understand the words, but the whole loopcuts thing for a hexagonal door … I don’t get it. Can you recommend a video that shows something like this?

Not a vid and last bits missing however hope helps :wink:

Wooow, very cool, very helpful! How did you do that animation? Even with shortcuts. Just wow! :slight_smile:

All this is shown while you have the picture as a background in edit mode, right? You can’t draw the unwrap on the mash? You draw it over a picture in the background, correct?

Yes, that was gimp, your posted images and Set in Background. Animation is a gif from screenshots, gimp again. Same image then goes to texture slot.
Glad it was useful.