Best way?

I am not new to blender but what would be an acceptable way of creating a contrail from a jet engine, have it expand out overtime similar to a wake wave on water (overtime). While allowing to have a view of both the plane moving across the sky and the contrail left behind it. With smoke Sim you make the domain the shape of your smoke Sim for intended purpose. So should I make a domain almost as long as the scene parented to the plane?

Going for an establishing shot: jet moving across frame from one end to other, while leaving a contrail behind it( that seems to expand slightly as it disperses).

Thanks for any help.

You could play around with Dynamic paint, that is what I’d use, at least for a shot of the sky from below with an aircraft/contrail high above, it’s a simple solution, but not good enough for close-ups…

Thank you for the advice. I will start there. Have a great weekend.

Its difficult using Halo particle system to make smoke or fire, but it is made for contrail! Vapor type trail is easy to create out of Halo material. The only part that will take some thinking is where jet exhaust starts to expand and vapor transition into visible cloud.