Best website hosting

What would be a cheap but decent web hosting site? I don’t need anything special, I just need to make a website with some information on it and pictures.

I am real happy with yola. It is free. (without large annoying adds) It comes with an online site builder if you don’t have a web creation app. It allows you to upload files as well so it is a great hosting site for larger blend files too. :wink:

You can upload pictures of course also embed video etc.

I usually just pick a simple clean template and build it from there.

a good host, not cheapest, but not expensive and very good service is I’ve been using them for many many years after having poor opinions of other hosts and being recommended to use these guys.

Let me know if you were going to consider these guys, because I believe there are some ways to get cheaper rates with them.

Good luck, hosts can be pretty hit or miss.

i love my webhostingpad - $3 a month or less depending on how long you sign up for. Lots of open source packages, easy install, great control panel. Use as a referral.

lunarpages are very great hosters .
you can use as a referal .

I use bluehost.
It’s about $100 a year and it has: free domain name, as many email addresses as I want and infintate storage.
So if anyone wants to send me a 10 TB file via email, you’re welcome to :slight_smile:

a little while ago, I was looking for a “decent” hosting company too …
Most important, DO NOT USE !!!
I went with this spring. They are quite a bit more expansive than godaddy but I’m sad to say that the service is not good.
Sometimes, my pages take a minute to load so I have to call them and complain which solves the issue for a few hours or days.

What ever you choose, a monthly payment plan might give you some negotiation power if the service is poor!
I had to pay for a year as there was no other option but now that they have the money, the service is a joke.
I’m glad to see that you are going the extra mile and do your homework …
It is a lot of work to move web sites and domain names so dont’ rush into it and hopefully, some of the above mentioned will work out for you!
I am considering to move to a new host so I will follow this thread and see what develops?

Good luck - you will need it! :slight_smile:


either one is the same company. They are awesome. There is no obligation either, you can cancel at any time and get pro rated all your money back. If you don’t like your service in the first 30 days, you get a full refund. It ends up being $4-$5 per month and you get the best features that I’ve ever seen an ISP give. Their tech support rules.


it took some time for your site to lead:

Is webhostingpad so serious? They are darn cheap.

I use fatcaw and sofar had no issue.

I called 2 times techsupport because I had some questions.
Not matter if man or woman both new what I was talking about
and did not ran down a typical answer list.

The price is 55 per year.


Actually which is better! May be someone is cheap…bt what abt the quality! is it average or nt!

well first rule

if they they you get everything for free it is not a good deal.
godaddy is just a service nightmare.

most hosters give you unlimited bandwidth etc but in the fine print it says
different. so you need to better see this is as you can host a lot but try
to avoid to much traffic and dont back up your movies online.

I noticed that fatcow does not include free domain after the first year. bummer
monsterhost I read very good and also very bad reviews about.

In a nutshell most of them offer more or less the same.
I would just do a little reading online through user reviews.