Best website to learn Python?

What would you say is the best website to learn python?
I actually already know C++ a software programming language with similar syntax, yet C++ is more complicated, so I’m hoping to pick up python quickly.
Where did you learn it?
Please help. :slight_smile:

also. google has a bunch of python lectures : google-python-class these are video lectures by stanford CS lecturer Nick Parlante.

These tutorials are great especially for beginners.

Click here

awesome! bookmarked demohero!

simply have to sit down for a few hours and do some exercises. It is possible to code python like a C++ coder but that is something you must resist…python has quite a few deliciously obscure but clever syntactical constructs. It helps to have programmed in more languages than c++.(for the sake of problem solving)

say goodbye to your curclybraces and semicolons they are a waste of time :). I;d go with the google-python-class video lectures, if you already have a good grasp on C++. it will land you where you want to be.

For Python 3, check out this free book.

I found many interesting tutorial videos at many levels here: