Best website to upload files?

Well, the title says it all. When I say file I mean .app, .exe, .blend etc.

I used to use
FileShare [Disappeared?]
MegaUpload [RIP]
MultiUpload [Disappeared?]
Others I forget.

Now I use
PasteAll for Blends and images.

But what would I use to upload a .app?
Preferably something you don’t need to sign up to, and in english!

Thanks in advance.

why not github?

forget 1 click file hosters (think you may know about megaupload and some problems arising maybe coming acta …)

or why not buy a small managed server (here around 5-10 euros per month)

much better


files are kept for ~5 months

Yeah, that’s PasteAlls biggest flaw. Maybe if it was customizable they would use less memory because people could specify 1 week and then they could have a max of 1.5yrs? But yeah, I just want MegaUpload back! :frowning:

check out dropbox and its shared folders, file version recovery and Public folder feature (for direct public url to file on your comp… well actually the mirror on their server).

check this out
click here

File share and Media fire is Best sites.