BETA feature: follow users

I just added a ‘follow user’ feature! This is still a relatively new plugin, but many Blender Artists users have asked for it, so I decided to give it a try.

Please report any issues you find on this topic. If I find that it’s causing severe issues I may have to temporarily remove it.

To follow a user, click on their avatar and then ‘Follow’ on the user card:

You’ll now get a new ‘Following’ tag at the top of your screen where all posts by your followed users will appear:

You’ll also receive notifications of any new posts by your followed users.

Read the full feature documentation here.


I just wanted to test the feature but I came across with Blendernation announcements I guess :sweat_smile: . I think there should be a way not to receive notifications.

Haha, yeah I did a bit of a ‘burst’ there. It’s an edge case, so I don’t think it’s very relevant?

Maybe you’re right. Then this is a soft warning to everyone who wants to follow @bartv :smile:

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Yep, don’t do it! :troll:


I already found that I’m more interested in new topic by people that I follow than all their replies - it would be good if we could select what level of notification you want:

[ ] Only new topics
[ ] New topics and replies


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what about if we want to know who is following us?

is there a link for that?

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In your profile page, Network tab:


But you know, what about those times when following isn’t quite enough…

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Sorry, what do you mean?

I’m just joking around, sorry :slight_smile:

Update: a future version of this feature will have different notification levels: only first posts, or all posts by people you follow.


Oh, yeah - I’m liking the new that feature

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