Beta out today?

I read somewhere that the beta should be out today. (today being sunday)

Anyone know if this is true?

not sure if it’s true, but it’s not sunday everywhere :no:

you live in…hawaii, or something?

The timezones going east to west go back 1 hour per zone, as in time goes back 1 hour.

Go from west to east you lose an hour every time you cross into the next timezone, so it’s already Sunday when you cross the first 5 timezones east of Kansas. (as of the time of writing)

I’m in England guys. And as we all know, that’s where God lives. ergo. Its Sunday.

Well, what do you know:


And I should add a huge thanks and congratulations to all the developers who worked on this… 2.5 is truly incredible and Blender has never been better!

Cool, where do you download it?

It’s hard to say when the download will be available on, but in the meantime you could just grab a build. The official release will be nearly identical to the latest build on there.

Congratulations Guys! Let’s Celebrate!

:frowning: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory — ubuntu 8.10.

Do I need to update my whole distro? I’m predicting that will result in dependency hell trying to get other programs up and running again. Where can I get the dependencies?

Just so you know, there is a countdown in the welcome message of the #blendercoders channel of the IRC. Today it said two days… I’m not quite sure about the time zone though.

perhaps I’m dling the wrong one, but it seems even the latest release on doesn’t have the middle mouse/pan option implemented yet. I really really hope that option works in the official beta 0 because frankly I’m not using 2.5 until it does. It seems so rudimentary and I’d think a lot of people change it because almost every other software holding middle mouse alone is pan.

Yup. My guess - last things regarding release will be resolved during todays meeting, outstanding bugs, documentation, splash screen . Release ahoy for builders tomorrow, and then actual release on tuesday. Since this release is expected to be unstable, it will have a faster release process than usual.

But that´s just my guess=)

User prefs/input=)

As of the latest version I tested (24718), the option is in preferences but does not work.

I switched to blender exclusively and forced myself to learn to do things the “blender way”(paradigm I know), and I’m glad I did!

shift+mmb = pan, but you probably know that.

Ahh, I never noticed that=P

In Todays meeting we will decide to give it a go or not. But I am optimistic! :yes:

I am as well…here’s to ctrl+f replacing space bar, and space bar reverting to old methods:yes:

Hah yeah I know what you mean. But I don’t use blender exclusively in 3d and never will. One of the things I’m most excited about for 2.5 is that maybe now with the custom key bindings I can do things the OrchidFace way :). At the very least I like my 3d navigation to be consistent with all the tools I use.

Everybody waits for the 2.5 as Saviour… but they does nothing with 2.9… So I dont think they will make anything serious with 2.5…