Beta tests invitation

Hi All!

I just made website where you can find few videos made in blender but most important is walkthrough application. I’d like to invite you to beta tests. If you could say how is it working, if it’s working :no:, what’s comp and requirements like processor, graphic card, ram memory you have, etc.

Have fun and leave feedback please, advises are well welcome. I am new in Blender nine month is today.


Here is my website

your site is beginning to look nice
nice clear pictures nice old buildings

i like th 3D panoramic tour for the parthenon

The only thing that was missing for me was the Flavius Amphitheater
Mind you it’s difficult to find any good drawings 2D or in 3D for this one
i tried to find as much detail i could but not luck with this one
and doing it in 3D is also a major challenge cause it’s not quit Oval so you need an equivalent shape to the real thing and that’s very difficult to do.
but i’m advancing with this model slowly with time - on day i’ll have a good script to draw the outside walls with columns location with an acceptable precision

hope you can get more 3D models and may be some 2D drawings so people can use theses to make 3D model on their own
and also some good texturing tips for stones walls towers or even a short library of materials CW textures ect…

keep up the good work
hope to see more models soon

happy 2.5

Thanks, you can see below gallery two videos with soundtrack also. Could you tell me please what version of Parthenon have you been testing and what comp have you got, you know, ram, graphic card, processor and how was working?

Flavius Amphitheatre? I am not sure what you mean… as I notice you talking about Rome but at the moment I going to focus on Greeks antics only. I have good access to nice plans now and 3d models old Ancient Greeks temples or building. I very busy at my work so probably next project will appear within several months. This would be walk-through Acropolis. Everyone who has similar interest or would be keen to help me a bit is invited.

3D Acropolis has many buildings but I didn’t want to make them so detailed (in modelling) like Parthenon. Most of details should be in textures. Little thing I need to improve (find out how to do it) is going from one level to another in game. Is possible to make such a thing in Blender but don’t know how yet. Simple modelling nice texturing. Everything outside would be one level but any internal room would be another. So you would walk around all complex but if you would like to go inside, first what you see is loading bar (it’s like jump to another sector, so game engine doesn’t have to render all of them only those you are in certain moment). I think is quite reasonable to make it and also achievable.

Would be great if anyone who feel good in UV texturing and have some spare time will join to project. With help, I have only one man to help now, all process will speed up, so nice free applications would appear on website much quicker. At the moment UV texturing is most time consuming for me.


having some difficutlies to find this parhtenon model for blender
where can i find this download for the parthenon?

i’ll test it as soon as i can - if i can find where it is !

i like architectural modeling of old buildings like greek medieval castle or large buildings
i did some modelling of typical colums for instance for ionic corinthians order ect

but not certain about the exact proportions to respect !

Here is one suggestions may be to add to your site
what where the different proprotions functions of the order
at least for the greek/ roman time may be
would help people to have some data’s on this!

sorry for the Coleseum of rome
i’m trying to find good info but very difficult to find any good doc on this famous building!

happy 2.5

I’m quite surprised you can not find anything good about Colosseum, it should be more than a lot but actually I have never done any research for this building so I might be wrong.

I am not sure what exactly you mean in here: what where the different proprotions functions of the order

Parthenon walk-through game you’ll find in download section, at the bottom of the page there is a link to different versions of application.

If you have interest in modelling of historical building on my website you will find a lot of examples in thematic links.


i was talking about the building proprotions
there are some standard for buildings and also for columns
but uncertain what theses where for greek temples like the Parthenon

i saw a special from NOVA i think describing some of the proprotions for the parthenon
but don’t remember what they where

like height function of widht columns spacing vs column height


@ RickyBlender

Do you mean something likethis Wiki page?

If so, it’s a start - the images at full size are just about readable.

(I started searching using the Classical Language of Architecture.)

Right, I know what you mean. I have chosen Doric order because it has simplest structure for GE. I though to make modelling Doric,Korynthian or Jonian orders but already you can find plenty examples over the internet so it was pointless for me doing this complicated models again. For GE simplest structures are best I think and my GE skill also let me to make nice temple in Doric order. The others more complicated forms I might try to do in future.



Quick reminder for everyone who is interested in beta tests.

yes theses are the classical order for old architecture
but seems there may be more then one standard i guess when you search the web

but still fun to see theses for the Greek period

but i think for the Parthenon there are no 2 stones of same shapes so it makes more complicated to understand it.

Greek where very good at making very precise stone shape and i think we are still learning from them even today.

i did test the smallest version and when rotating around it looks like there is a lot of distorsion around the
like barrel distorsion but not certain if anything can be done to remove this effect !
may be because of perpective effect also !

keep up the good work

Thanks happy 2.5