Bette in Furs (and sequins)

Hello looong time lurker

I made Bette to sell at Daz, but, given that I sculpted her in Blender (and even a bit of the texturing was done in Blender), I figured it would be fun to render her back in Cycles, and take advantage of some of Blender’s features. Mainly the ability to render hundreds of thousands of hair and fur particles

I also very gently dipped my toes in geometry nodes

I used geometry nodes for the sequins, which is not nearly as cool as all the things people build with them, but it was very easy to get things distributed very evenly, and not intersect, which I could never really manage with old particles.

Initially I tried to do the sequins with procedural materials, but I couldn’t get it to sparkle enough.

I’m not sure if there’s anything fancy I need to do to embed mp4s

so ff just linking it doesn’t work here’s also a link to my artstation page that has it

It twinkles as it spins and makes me happy



Beautiful! And the coat looks so amazing!

omg , don’t sell bette at Daz … they have no mercy for females :star_struck: , nice, almost pixar-nice lol

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!