Better Baking in Blender Before there's Bloodshed.

I’ve been baking a Fluid Simulation in Blender 2.69.0 for more than two and a half days, and the bake is barely over half-way done.

I realize that the resolution is set to its maximum amount, but I have more than enough RAM in my workstation to handle it. And yes, I need the timing and physics (viscosity, surface, and particles) to be the way they are.

So my question is: How can I optimize my settings to speed this up? I’m OK with overnight or even two nights. But this nearly a full week thing for 15 seconds of animation is just ridiculous.

Here’s my Blender file:

Court fluid_001.blend (880 KB)

Any help would be great.

1024 is an enormous sim resolution. The higher the res, the longer the bake time. Why on earth is it set so high? Even 200 is looking reasonably nice here. I can’t imagine why you’d feel the need to use 1024, your sim grid is going to be subpixel sized at that point, it won’t even do anything useful.

As far as i know, max resolution is 512 , and it requires 13-14 gb of ram. What you are trying with 1024 res is simply molesting your mobo and ram.

in my humble experience, 300 is more then enough for very very realistic fluid simulation ( i usually work on 150-180) and it also takes hell lot of time.

200, and even 300 doesn’t look smooth on mine. I can still see faces and edges. and the water droplets aren’t round. They’re blocky.

This will be projected onto a massive surface (a basketball court), so I need ultra-high quality.

Also, max resolution for me is 1024, and it only uses 6.8 GB of RAM, as you can see above.

Here, I’ve changed some settings of your original file. Also, changed your fluid to inflow and added 1 to y, so that it burst out at that axis.
You can up the resolution, but it will bake in hell lot of time, and difference is not going to be that much.
Anyway, here is a render of viewport, where you can clearly see that it is shaping up good.

Updated Blend [

Court fluid_001.blend (862 KB)Court fluid_001.blend (862 KB)](

My workplace network won’t let me access the .blend. Can you just upload it here?

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