Better Blender Game engine or Unreal?

I’m trying to make a horror game slender style (but a bit more complex, with a complex MAP, a storyline, etc… but without any complicated fights or similar: thne player must simply explore, solve some quick puzzle and interract with the npcs to go on)

And I was wondering if Blender Game engine is the best for this or should I swap to Unreal (my brain is unable to remember python codes some how, so I dunno how many things I can do by just using the blocks system)

The most difficult thing is probably the menu, because I want it to have a book where the player can interract to start a new game, or to edit the options, etc… (everytime the player click one the the options on the first page of the book, the pages flip to the requested one as it was a real book)
Also I wanted to know if I can put a splashscreen using Blender Engine

If you dreem make book or notepad in game - you need use python scripts, if you dont understand scripting its real make use logic bricks but for this you need use mouse over any - sensors, and stand alone scene, and use animation for reading book. If you dont understand how make book replacing game engines dont help you - just make step by step wat you need for game object - open book(scene), reading book(page animations), assign information in book(replace text for text objects), select page numbers(somebody integral property for select page). UE game engine dont make this for you this make only you

I already have both the book model + animation and the page podels + animations
Everything is textured aswell

if you make a game in Blender game engine it easier, but it does not scale as well, or port to the same platforms.

so the solution is to start making a game in bge and when its fun port to unreal, or stick with bge if its a small game, or use geometry nodes / py to make it scale better.