Better Blender layout

Hello. Does anyone have an edited version of blender that has a better layout? I downloaded one from, and the layout sucks. It’s hard to work with it, and the buttons never load correctly. It’s very buggy. Anyone have an edited blender, or does anyone know how I can change the layout to fit my needs?

Yes, the documentation knows :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply, but what does that mean?

Yes, thats the one I found v helpful. You might also be interested in this:

(Check out the secret buttons - see User Preferences)

Thanks, this one my only problem with blender.

Indeed the interface in not buggy, that’s for sure so relax.

You may experience graphic card drivers problems : if so try other, sometimes earlier, drivers and it will solve your problems.

Otherwise one can pretty much do whatever one wants with the interface : just learn to save your preferences (ctrl+u) to create new screens for different aspect of the trade (screens are at the top of Blender, in the Info window header) and to create new windows (go on a separation bar and click with the right mouse button, aka RMB, and choose split or join and you’ll get it, if it makes sense in the context you’re in)