better bvh support in 2.42???

I am having problems getting motion into 2.41. The bvh imports and the empties get changed into bones. But then dont move the bones with the motions for each part… Will this be fixed in the future? I would like to use motion(bvh) files on my models.
Thanks :slight_smile:

dont understand whet your saying, please be more exact.
The empty to armature script is a bit faulty, I just did the import and export. Armature converter isnt mine and youll notive its not accurate to the original bvh motion. should probably report a bug.

Sorry so vague… I hope to use the abundant bvh motion data out there to do the animatiing for me. I am just testing it out to see what is the easyist work flow.

I have imported the bvh data into my modeled file and got the empties turned into bones. But they seem to stick in the postion of the first frame(frozen skeleton) but move the skeleton along with the moving empties. The problem is that I cant make use of the motion data because the bones arent moving in relation to each other.

I hoped to make use of two cameras and try and capture my own motion data if the work flow wasnt too complex.

And this what I mean by work flow…

  1. I would have a character rigged for stuff that I didnt want to motion capture
    2, But for more complex moves i would do the motion capture
  2. Get the data into bvh file
  3. Import it into my model file.
  4. do the bvh2armature script(if it would work to move the bones)
  5. skin the character with the motion data.
  6. Render the animation.(maybe in several passes)
  7. composit the final.

This looks like the same problem

Does anyone know how to get the .bvh rotated 90 throughout
and animation? It comes in flat
flat, I can put a loc rot key on it on frame 1 but when I change it
into JP’s armature, it lies down again and the armature animates

You can see it at


does that have anything to do with the method at michaels blender site where he parent an empty to tthe armature? and then rotated the empty 90 degrees