better camera fly mode with python?

i haven’t looked much into python scripting with blender 2.5 yet and don’t really know about the new possibilities…

what i would like to achieve is a camera fly mode similar to shift-f but which isn’t so “inertial” but much more snappy like first person shooter movement (the fly mode without collision detection). and it would be cool to have the possibility to record the camera movement to f-curves.

would this be possible to do with python? with an operator? or is it necessary to do it with the game engine?

My first thought is that Blender already has something similar. You can record your mouse movements to an IPO. Then you could link it to a camera.

Kernon covers it here:

I know it is not the same as your request. It would be nice if there were some system preferences to control acceleration as you suggest, in fly mode.

the trick with recording the empty movement is nice.

but i would need a bit more. moving around and zooming with the scrollwheel and so on. i would like to do the camera in machinima style for a project of mine. so it would be cool if i could fully script my own custom camera movement operator or something.

but i don’t know about the possibilities of the new operators. probably i still would have to use the game engine?

Why not use the game engine? I was just playing around with some of those vehicle sim games and recorded the IPO. Blender recorded the camera too!

it should be possible to see thorugh the camera all the other stuff i animated. do i see stuff like particle systems in the game engine?