Better Car Material in BGE - 3D Upgrade

This video shows you how to improve the look of your cars.


I’m glad you like it. Its a new weekly thing I started.
After starting the BGMC I realized that many developers don’t push their models to the max because of the time constraint. Hopefuly a series of videos that shows how to improve a model in 10 minutes or less will help push future Blender games to the next level.

Looks really good.
My only concern is the number of texture samples required (one of the slowest operations on a GPU). Many materials had 5-6 textures associated with them, and this means that on anything with integrated graphics, these will run relatively poorly. One example is the use of the “spherical” texture mapped to normal (I like that trick though) which would be faster done (in a node shader) by a dot product the view and normal vectors.
But the results sure are impressive!

There is a way to join all materials and textures so the final result would have 1 material and 3 textures. The problem is that once you do that the material can’t be transfered to other models. In the example I showed here, you can transfer all materials to other cars and just bake AO.

I might make a new video again when I find more improvements to add.

You could use a node shader, it would be relatively faster since you only have a node tree per material, and with 1 material, the nodes get processed once (to generate the shader code).

Looks impressive i need to learn these techniques then i’ll apply this LvL of detail to my models. (Ive been abit lazy last month but this time around i plan to take my models to the next LvL)


Is it optimized and will it be able to run on the low end platforms is it performance friendly in a Game?


Its not demanding but there is room for further optimizations.

Nice work.
Josip = 3D Upgrade?

Tkz for sharing

I like it !!!


Okay it looks basic but needs optimizations i can see you using your nodes wisely there isnt it.
When i started on my project i wanted to create a highly and well optimized game that runs on all PC’s just like EA’s old NFS’s. Thats the aim for my project these great looking details are just supposed to be bonus options for players who like their games looking all realistic. (In my game project)

Otherwise i appreciate your work man thanks.

Awesome work !!!


Yeah, I’m Josip. I made a new account to make it less confusing when submitting models.

posting a thread in the forum website support topic is how you let the moderation team know you want a name change.

im pretty sure having multiple accounts is in violation of forum rules.

First you tell people that I’m stealing models and now you come to my thread to post off topic stuff about me.
Why don’t you do something usefull with your life?

Whoa mate, keep them tutorials coming!

I will, thanks

In UPBGE you could just replace the “Reflection” texture with the Realtime Environment Map, right? Although that feature somehow doesn’t work for me…

Try this: Ive added a planar and a cubemap

@3D Upgrade, i like it. Just learned something new. But it needs voice too. :slight_smile:

It means a lot coming from you, thanks man.
Voice would be cool but my accent is just too strong.