Better Check This Out Quick!

(sp) #1

This is for the people like myself who were unaware of this nugget of info. The program is called ZPaint its 2-d (small program) and truly think the sky is the limit with this. It’s very fast. Same effects are very easy in other 2-D apps but GAURANTEED not this quick and detailed. Check out this example

I’m liking the quick Bump map creations! Let me know what you think!

(MaceG) #2

I don’t know if the sky’s the limit. I’d say a button maker is extremely limited. But it is fast, small, and good at what it does. I’d say it’s worth keeping.

                                Thanks for the link.

(stephen2002) #3

looks like it would be a great program for making si-fi bump maps.

BTW, next time you post an image, it would help to compress it first. That took a little while to download even over cabel.

(sp) #4

Sorry man I was in a HUGE hurry and bmp is what the program exports. I just wanted to spread the good word.