Better cooperation between devs and artists: Software instead of Hardware?


developing on my free time since more than 3 years, I look for ways to have more time to code for Blender. After having done it for free, I tried to live from donations, without success.
Now with E-Cycles, I offer support and regular builds, like Red Hat for Linux and it works better. But yet, some people either think it’s evil to want to live from coding for open source or still ask in many thread what new card(s) they should buy.

Now as E-Cycles and some of my patches already in 2.8 official shows (4x faster interior rendering using a GTX 1080), software optimization can bring much more speed improvement than hardware for much less money (try to make a significant hardware upgrade for 90€…). In the linked case, it’s equivalent to buying 3 new 1080 at 500€+ each. If you remove the 90€ developper cost, you will:

  • still spare 1400€,
  • Blender becomes better (all the improvement will be uploaded for review after a year, like my previous patches),
  • you spare complex building of a mining rig with PCI-Express tricks,
  • you spare a new power supply
  • and it’s even good for the planet as it only takes 1/4th of the electricity to render the same image.

So what about better supporting developers and get a win-win situation? A fourth of what the community invest in GPUs would already allow great advances I’m sure and help you as an artists to keep the render budget low.


i used to code for the government and whilst that and the Blender scenarios are vastly different, i am fully in agreement that there’s nothing better than good clean structured code. the difference between properly coded COBOL and the COBOL that something like Cool:Gen puts out is simply worlds apart in performance numbers.
another example is game size. aside from the fact that a lot of games are massive in size now and packaged w/ ridiculously sized textured assets, i always think back to the coding of Elite on the BBC - they got a fully freeform game w/ numerous ships, 2000 planets w/ details, and a working market system all in under 11k due to excellent coding and ingenious designing. that is far, far better than getting sloppy or lax in the belief that everyone can buy a mad gaming card for hundreds of $$$.
and as you’ve pointed out elsewhere, aside from saving money on having to upgrade your software, you can save money on electricity costs etc.

Dear new Blenderartists user, welcome :slight_smile: Can you explain us how it is not profitable for anyone to have optimised software? At least the professionals who buy my products think the contrary and see the spared money very quick.