Better Documentation Please

I am sort of new to programming with Blender 2.5.x. The first time I started to learn to program in Blender Python was when Blender 2.49 was the latest release. Since then, and due to my older computer not supporting Blender 2.5x, I had never got into learning about Blender classes up until now which I have Blender 2.59 installed on my new computer.
In any event, while trying to create a script in Blender 2.59 without using classes, I have noticed that having classes is a requirement now. For that reason, I am struggling to understand the different bpy.types. For example, looking at the Panel type in the 2.6 documentation, it is not very clear. It only mentions, “class bpy.types.Panel is a(bpy_struct) Panel containing UI elements,” which does not help. So I am asking, is there more clarified documention pertaining to the reuqirements needed when creating a Blender Class and possibly giving pictures to each of the bpy types explaing the differences of each type to be used for in a Blender Class? For example,

Class MyClass(bpy.types.Operator) :
 your code...


Class MyClass(bpy.types.Panel) :
 your code...

whats the difference, basically. Should I be looking for the original 2.5 documentation? I cannot see how the current documentation is helpful. I mean at least I got some experince, but what about the people who never used Blender before.

first: you dont need classes to do any programming stuff.

zero (is before “first”): use blender-2.60.x
Why? During blender-2.5x there were many changes in the python-api,
some only simple changes of naming conventions - other changes of using
parts of blender. But even the simple name-changes breaks a lot if you are
not aware of it and switch to a newer blender-version.

second: about classes, there is with newer blender revisions a whole bunch
of source templates, ready to use and only to fill the “flesh” what it should do.
The numbers of those templates did increase with the grow of the version-number.
And thats another reason why you might not find those in your older blender-version.

Just check the available templates in the text-editor … its amazing how many effort was put in this and how easy it is to use …

I cannot see how the current documentation is helpful.

There’s your problem right there – try and visualize documentation as being very helpful :wink: You just have to believe.

Hopefully, your ‘current documentation’ is actually current. Try the ‘Help’ menu for ‘Python API Reference’.

For, example When I click that in version 42256, I end up here:

If you have bookmarked something ancient, and are using newer blender, or vice-versa… uh-oh. Make sure your docs match your version.

As for your questions on classes: understanding blender’s api is predicated by understanding python. Have you installed python on your machine and used IDLE? Install python 3.2 and you get:

a nice CHM for your python documentation, which loads faster than a pdf ( not to mention loading html over the nets), and
IDLE – good for when you need to test/understand something in python.