better engine?

so i have a huge map i made for a game but blender only runs at 20-30 fps, so is there a better engine to use(not ogre please)thanks in advance.

Crystalspace has Blender plugin.

Haha, got to say that before Mmph!

I too have a huge map (400 000 faces) and tried to export it to CS, but the exporter is painfully slow. How is your map huge? Big polycount? Lots of objects?

it has an high poly count
does it work with Mac

Hey a good engine that is free at least the trial is Truevision3d. Of course you have to have some programming software like or c++ though. Anyway figured I just post and say good luck.:wink:

Well, CS works in OSX so I guess the exporter works too. I don’t have OSX so I can’t say for sure. There’s only Windows install instructions on the site.

Torque works on a Mac and can do beautiful terrains… but read the recent Blender / Torque thread as to the down side … and it costs money

also, try optimizing the terrain (separate it into sections so it doesn’t have to calculate offscreen parts, turn collision off for every face that doesn’t need it, possibly even make a much simpler and cleaner collision mesh, etc).
even if you move to a different engine, it’s never a good idea to just ignore optimization.

You can also replace distant objects with 2d sprites.

How can I access the crystalspace exporter?

a huge map it’s not necessarily a good game!
Lower your “specs” and put your focus in “gameplay” maybe?!
Or do only one or two huge rooms/demo?
Or, spread your poly’s in different scenes?!

well crystal space wont work for mac. So i was wondering if you guys knew what to do after you build the ogre sdk on xcode to make it run?