Better game textures

I tried gimp to help me out and it did. I’m just wondering how to make a really good texture? Like good graphics…is there a software that can really help me?

short answer: no
long answer:
you have to do a lot of tutorials of texture making (google is your best friend), i’m trying to improve, but doing really good textures is not an easy task, also, you can check the resources section, you will find a huge library of textures you can use [ben mathies]
contains cool tutorials :slight_smile:

Yah, GIMP seems really hard at first, but than after a while, it gets easier… Keep going, and you’ll get something that you like.

yeah, the software is a tool, so it cant really “make good game textures” for you, if you want to make better textures, just practice practice practice, look at examples, follow tutorials. check out these guyses stuff:

  1. Practice
  2. Work from photographs
  3. Get a drawing tablet and use it
  4. Practice

Everyone said what I would say… is a good site if you would need some not made by you…