Better Lens Flare

I was watching COSMOS: a spacetime odyssey(its one of my favorite show :slight_smile: ) in national geographic channel
and i was wondering if i could make this lens flare in blender

so i tried something this, i set the “mix” value to 1.0 then i added lens distortion and got the result(in the backdrop)

and then i tried to add two directional blur with opposite direction then i mix it,and got this(in the backdrop)

then this:

and this is the final result:

Download :

Hey Friend!
The link is burned? Where is the right file, please?

oops…sorry,it should be fixed now.i always had a problem copying link on modiafire

Thank you! the effect is great.

This is a nice looking barrel flare. If you want aperture artifacts I guess you will have to add image planes or textured elements.

Great Tutorial! Just what I was looking for…As a Newbee you are able to teach in a manor that one is able to learn and explore Thank you…

This is great! I will probably use the idea some time.