Better lighting for city project?


I am currently working on a city game. And I am struggling to find good lighting. All I am using is Hemi lamps to light the scene, but they do not add realism to the scene, rather make it look dull. Here is a pic of my scene:

I want a nice and sunny scene. I want the streets to reflect the orange colour of the sunlight. Oh, and btw, my buildings are showing up as black. I have assigned textures to the buildings, and have flipped the normals, yet they still are quite black. It takes a very bright lamp like a Hemi lamp to see the textures. So I’d like advice on how to light the city up efficiently and realistically, without using too many lamps.


That doesn’t look like a Hemi Lamp. That looks like a Point Lamp.
Also, the Light is not orange – except if your your Textures are all blueish. (Ignore that, it was a Joke, Kind of…)

Also, you cannot simply flip Normals generally, that is only necessary on not yet correct Normals – some of those Buildings seem to have no Roof, and I guess it is because of that. Better use “Recalculate” – that should do the Job on those simple, cubic Shapes.

Thanks! Btw is this Martins Upitis?

Thanks! Although I want the scene to look like a nice sunny one. And I didn’t know how to do that. The main light source is the hemi lamp. Like I said, the point/sun lamps hardly light up anything in my scene. I need a very, very bright lamp so I can see everything, and I am curious as to why that is?

For a sunny yellow-orange day, dont you use a sun lamp, perhaps there were some lightening tuts about it(for the bi render).