Better modifying functions in Silo also possible for Blender?

Hey Folks,

even though i’m no pro, i am of course a true fan of Blender and wish all the best for it.

And that’s why i became a bit envy as i recently saw these few basic but awsome functions in Silo (please see links below to the linked feature videos of basic functions) and wished immediatly for the same options in Blender.

- Cut Tool:__

- Tweak selection mode:__

- Selection, Scale and Rotation Mode in one:__

- Subdivision of selected edges only :__

- better lighting functions; units and messurements display :__

So now my question is, to whom at Blender must i turn to request for a developement of these vital + advanced modelling techniques for Blender? :)))

Some Blender expert and programmer please respond, thanks.

Oh, by the way, i don’t mean to moan, but who decided to change the backround color of this site to white???
Its way too bright and stressful on the eyes:(.
Who keeps changing it anyway?


I can’t see the function son the site, I don’t have quicktime installed.
But I’m gonna take some guesses here.

Cut Tool = Knife Tool (Ctrl-K)
but I prefer to use subdivide(W-Menu) & loops cuts (Ctrl-R)
Tweak Selection sounds like proportional editing, but you could do it in a number of ways, example adding a lattice?
You can change the 3D Manip. to display Scale, Translate, and Rotate all at once.
Just Hold Shift, and select the other options.
Most people use the keyboard shortcuts. (S-Scale, G-Translate, R-Rotate)
Combined with axis constraints.
Subsurf is applied to the whole mesh, but you can select where to place more edges. (W-Menu)
And I can’t help you with lighting, but AO is a nice quick way for a render.

I’ll agree with you on the background colour of the site, but be happy with what you get =/

No, sorry Cire792, too bad if you can’t see the video demonstrations behind the posted links.

But if you can’t see’em then please don’t take wrong guesses on what it could be and play the upsides of that other product down,

cause with your (sorry) unqualified comments on them you can only distract important interest for the thread and disgard the value the enhancment of those functions would bring too the usebilitly of blender.

Thanks. thats the suggest new features thread. the correct ppl are more likely to notice youre post there, however, im not sure how much its read.
nothing wrong with suggecting blender be like other apps in certain respects.