Better quality of Render

How can i get better quality render. When i see my render they all look muddy but when i see
other Renders the are all crisp and clear. Even when i use 8k Textures it doesn’t look so good
like the renders from other people. BTW it is not the scaling from the textures.

Maybe someone could give you better advice if you add a link to illustrate what your renders look like now?

Are you going to show us what you think is not good (blend files etc) and what you want to achieve.
We don’t even know what renderer you are using

An 8K texture taking up 10x10 pixels in a render will not show any detail
An 8k texture in a scene with poor lighting will not show detail

Also, check your sampling. Usually need at least 500 samples on a final render, if not 1000, to get a clean render, but you can use lower while testing.

Hey MZGarmi I would say check your lighting. Lighting has so much to do with the quality of the render and how it looks. Make sure that it’s properly lit. Also play around with the size and max bounce on your lamp options. Of course increase the sampling as well in the render tab will help :slight_smile: