Better quality on animated videos.


Everytime I got bad quality on my animated film.( Videos.) I dont know if the trubble have to do with render, lights or codec.

Till my iMac leopard I have Quick Time Pro - Perian

I have try everything, Avi Raw, Avi Jpeg, H.264. This time I have use Quick Time - Perian - MPEG 4 Video
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Do you have any ideas, how to solv the problem.

Thank you in advance

what do you mean by “quality”? The image quality looks fine. The animation movement looks robotic and could be smoother and more integrated. The model of the bridge has flipping face normals so it flickers.

Papasmurf, thanks for reply.
Quality OK. Surprising ?

Yes, I would like very much, to know how to make the object move smother and less robotic. Tut tell me to:

In Pose Mode, press A Key twice with frame 1 - I Key - Loc/Rot - press A Key. I move to frame 5 or 10.( I dont understand wath make the difference 5 or 10 frames, perheps matter of speed. ) Select one bone - move with R key- Front Wiev - Side Wiev or Top Wiev and hit A key twice.

For the first time ever, I try to select 5 - 6 bones after each other and move them in difference directions and then I press Shift during the time I press ( select ) all bones and then press A Key twice. Maybe there is missing things

Do you know any easy way to got to the smother way, i will apericiate very much if you can advice me.
I dont understand why the lights flasching black on the floor.

Thank you.

first for animation you’ll need to spend some more time it’s not a technical problem.

after for the shadows on the “floor” it’s really funny it’s the first time i see something like that I don’t thinik it’s a codec problem,it’s looks like more a mapping problem, try to use more simple shapes with basic shading(no uv or texture) and simple unmobile light

I hope it help…

OK,I will practising and try out more interesting things.

Thank you

As papasmurf said it could be flipped face normals on the platform, or as yoyo said mapping problems. To get unrobotic animation will require you to study animation. Not a simple task. Things like ease in and out, timing, spacing, weight, line of action, pose choices. All these things factor in animation and much more.

It looks like you have a duplicate mesh of the base the character is standing on. Tihs is causing the flickering.

Hello Atom, Interesting, I dont think I have made a duplicat of the base. I did duplicated the lamp stand on top of the base. I vill try to cancel the duplic.
Thank you.