Better render statistics possible?

Hi, I’m hoping to receive parts for building a new machine next week. As it’s (hopefully) going to be quantum leaps compared to my 6 year old OEM box and I’m planning to get seriously into Blender I will take the time and try to set everything up the best way. Naturally there will be a lot of benchmarking to do, so on to the core of my question:
What are the possibilities to get more verbose render statistics? For example output of actual BVH-build time. Maybe a measurement of texture baking time, generally every possible measurements regarding time/ performance. I just think, it’ll be a bit to unprecise and cumbersome to stare at the display and thumbing a stopwatch xD.
BTW.: I’m planning to compare WIN and LINUX in minute detail so it’s interesting to see which OS possibilities are offered. Also I’m not afraid of python (or any other vehicle) if necessary to fulfill my needs.
I’m sure some of you where at the exact same point and are able to shed some light on my way.

Hard numbers are difficult to come by, and they really won’t mean much because there are so many variables involved (just have a look at some of the BMW benchmarking threads). It’s usually better to just consider general classes of hardware, try to get best value for what you need, and pull the trigger.

It would help to provide some specifics, as to what you currently have for hardware, what you are typically working on (models? animation? would a separate renderfarm be better for rendering? what about particles? Exterior architectural, spaceship sci-fi setting? live action compositing?), and so on.

Thanks for your answer @dgorsman but I’m not sure, if you got me right.
I asked if there is a way for displaying more detailed info on the render time inside blender. For example:
When you render you will see in the top right, how long that frame took to render. But it is displaying the whole time. BVH-build time + render time. I just wanted to know if there is a way to show those times individually. Also it would be interesting to time other things within blender. Like baking textures.
When this is possible, I’ll get that “hard numbers” for my machine. I’m not interested in benchmark results of other users or general advice on hardware. There’s plenty of that out there and I made my choice. I want to analyze best practices on my own system and therefore would like have more/ better time monitoring tools. How to do this is really independent of the hardware, isn’t it?

But since you asked and maybe I’m off track and it really matters. Here are the parts I ordered:

Ryzen 7 1800x
Aorus x370 Gaming 5
NZXT Kraken 62
32GB Corsair [email protected]
Powercolor RX Vega64
a 120GB Corsair M500 M.2 will be the new home for my arch system
a 1TB Seagate Firecuda is going to hold /home
an old 500GB Samsung HDD is planned for a Windows install.