Better renders?

HI. How do you make good animation renders? I know how to render them, but they always come out choppy and low quality. I wouldnt be asking this, but on blender3d.coms gallery page, their animations are perfect and only a couple of megs so there must be a way to meke better animation renders.Thanks

You have to have a high enough framerate. You shouldn’t have any less than about 15 frames per second. Normally you use 24, 25 or 30 fps. Also make sure that your IPOs for animation use smooth interpolation, not linear so the motion isn’t jumpy.

It’s a good idea to use motion blur too. If you have fast moving objects or cameras, the framerate isn’t fast enough to capture the movement so you have to use blurring. If you pause action sequences in movies, you will see the blurring on the fast moving objects.

To get these movies to a small size for the internet, you use codecs with high compression. The best ones available are mpeg-4 based codecs. The H264 codec that’s coming out should be the best one but for now, divx & xvid are the popular choices.

I agree with everything osx said.

another problem could be bitrate. Some of the defaults for the codecs (Avi jpg especially), usually have insufficient bitrate for most things. When selecting a codec, go to the configure menu and tweak bitrate and other settings there. These settings give you more control over the final look, feel, and size of the output video. divx is pretty much the most common web codec for avi’s.

Mblur is useful, but be prepared to wait a while.

I’ve been doing heaps of anim stuff lately and the best way seems to be.

render to avi raw (25 frames a second, big size) and do any conversions in other software.

I’m starting to like quicktime more and more. It’s just about the bestest streaming video choice at the moment.

thx guys :smiley: