Better Selection Keystrokes

Most of Blender’s keyboard/mouse bindings work well for me, except for one irritation: AKEY to toggle select all/none. You always have to look twice and press it two or three times to be sure of selecting (or not selecting) what you expect.

Most programs have separate “Select All” and “Select None” functions. It turns out Blender’s selection operators have these capabilities as well, it’s just they are not conveniently pre-bound to any keystrokes.

While nosying around with a little utility script I wrote, I discovered that there currently no predefined bindings in Blender for the semicolon, quote, slash and backslash keys on the main keyboard.

So I decided to try binding QUOTE to select-all and SHIFT-QUOTE to select-none. Since there are about 20 different places (and a corresponding number of selection operators) where this needs to be done, I wrote a script to set them up automatically. It’s in the enclosed .blend file; just open it, and run the “” script. Then you can save your startup file if you want to make the change permanent.

Let me know what you think.


select_all_none.blend (230 KB)