Better than Filmic?

I’ll show you how we quickly did color correction back in the day when i used to work in television. But is it better than filmic? I think so.

@Koumis, with all due respect, what you’re demonstrating is “making an image more pleasing for final output to your monitor without have to match it to anything else” also (incorrectly) known as “color correction.” There is nothing objective about the actual color in your (always entertaining) video. I myself am “guilty” of this.

But try to output this frame and match it in the middle of a scene in your movie/tv show…on a different monitor…have fun. Or worse yet, send that “color-corrected” banana jpg to another post house and see if they’re not calling you back saying “what are we supposed to do with that?” Worse yet, what if that image is being sent off to a print house? You’re gonna end up with 1000 copies of a washed-out burnt ochre dish holding what looks like an overripe banana shot in a dark room.

Filmic, on the other hand, tries to address an objective color model with Blender-created assets (not some imported jpeg), to be actually corrected/matched somewhere down the post-production pipeline. Yeah, it appears all gray and washed out, but the color information is not. Forgive my oversimplifying.

Not saying your (again, always entertaining) video about crushing/spreading RGB levels is misinformation, but what you’re demonstrating and what Filmic addresses are two different things. PEACE! :v:


I understand my approach is not scientific, but the following video was colour adjusted by this method because to me it looked better than filmic, its that simple.

I’m more with @gtomorrow when he says that you can’t compare. I think everyone in the graphics industry uses levels to improve the end result. But filmic is meant to keep as many possibilities as possible open until the end result. The .exr stores the whole dynamic range anyway. So it doesn’t matter what I set at Color Management > Look.


Filmic is not a color correction workflow.
This is just a clickbait title.

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You can not be serious.

No, he is correct. This is not what Filmic is for.