Better UV unwrapping tools ? Furniture / Farbic design

Hi all

sadly I use SketchUp and some of their uv unwrapper because I feel I get better results there sometimes than Blender

Does any body have some ideas how to unfold bent plywood surface better like below:

This is the SketchUp unwrapper

This is what Blender does - notice the issue among the hole - unusable

Because it is a flat surface I did rebuild the backrest but thats a task that I should not do
Further also here the unwrap is wonky

I ended up unwrapping the top area from front view scaling rotating it and then gluing it onto the rest

this is a fairly simple surface which is why I was kinda confused to see how much blender struggles here

maybe I used bad settings? any idea or feedback? better unwrap add on?

the first topology was bad but you could have used an option like Project From View. You can correct the topology to have a better one and use the same option. Actually it all depends on your final goal, does your object need a nice topology or you don’t care?

did you mark uv edge correctly? mind to upload the blend file so that it can be checked?

That is what I did for the backrest with the whole then rotates scaled and stitched the UV together.
But thats some work I don’t want my students to be slowed down by. As terrible SketchUp is the ThruPaint UV editor is fricken good.

I am not new to Blender and UV unwrapping - I was just curious if at this point there might have been some more advanced methods or add-ons published for Blender. Since I have a baby I miss many announcements.

The UV maps from my CAD apps are always fantastic - but currently I am looking for sending my students from modeling in sketchup to rendering in blender.

Here is the file

Bent Wood (1.7 MB)

1.there are faces that stack together. clean them up a bit.

select all verts and merge them. you can see 213 verts removed.

2. in edit mode, under menu “select -> select sharp edges” and mark them seam. then select all face and normal uv-unwrap with option like this

3. optional you can use addon called uv squares to straighten out the curved strip

4. finally pack uv islands

here is the fileBent Wood Unwrapp_fix.blend (2.1 MB)

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Did I mention baby brain?

I forgot remove doubles and most important the conformal option !

thank you very much for the refresh

embarrassed …

Keep UV’ing in mind when modelling. In this case I would simplify to a single side, unwrap from angled orthographic view any problematic areas incl some quads, then follow active quads for the rest (no stitching). Add a solidify modifier using material ID for the created rim. Apply it, marking two edges as seams. Select one face on the outer rim, reset UV, select rest of rim and follow active quad. Repeat for the hole rim.