better way of making inner corners?

the corner like those that are highlighted on this picture:

i made those by extruding the faces inside, then deleting faces that were making a thin wall, then merging vertices to remove holes in the model


That mesh has issues, namely the inner faces.

To create an inverted corner, select the 2 faces of the corner you want to create, press ‘I’ to inset, move the edges back to their original location, hold ctrl and then move the mouse to create the inverted corner.

sorry to ask but Is there a short video to show this effect
would show better how it is done !

happy bl

delete wherever you want to have the corner, extrude inn, select the edge on either side, and spam F.

first, thanks for all the replies!

second, woah, so this thread finally appeared!

and about inverted faces - the closer part looks fine to me and the farther part is created my Mirror modifier. is this what created confusino?

finalbarrage has the right method, i had something else in mind.

As for inner faces, you have a few and some Ngons. Both should be avoided.



you guys are overthinking this waaay too much… just take the exsample i did, its probably the easiest, fastest, and simplest. besides if you got a script or addon to do that spesific thing.

your method is good and perfect for some situations, exploring all options may provide insight into solving future puzzles.

Just realized another faster way, based on DCBloodhounds inset faces method, originally overlooked it due to vert sliding not working in corner situations.

inset all faces by 0.
select top faces, using snap vert or edge,
simply move them locked in one direction or using transform widget.
30 second example: