Better way to convert text to mesh?

By default, Blender converts text to mesh into this weird shapes, which causes all sorts of problems when trying to apply other things.

if I apply Voxel Remesh, with the default size it looks awful, so I have to reduce the voxel size. But then, it becomes really dense like this

and this is a waste because I only need smaller face near the edges of curves, so the inside could use bigger faces, and letters like capital E can have very few faces.

So, is there a better way to do it? I mean:

  1. No weird diagonal lines like the Blender creates by default.
  2. Smaller faces near the edges of curves.
  3. Bigger faces on the inside or for straight lines.

This video is the best I have found to fix text…and like you say…for an E F H there is really no need to change much…, but R, S, P, or any letter with a hole things get messy real quick…it takes a bit of work and if you need the text for anything other than just displaying ( default is just fine for that) it is worth the time!

The problem is there is no universal solution because fonts in general are not designed to be quads. So you always have problems. Even if someone quadifies some fonts… you know that fonts have different cuts/slices for different sizes (and italics and bold and bold-italics)…

The top shows what happens by default.

In the second one, I’ve set Text > Shape > Resolution U to 6 (for less edges)

Next I converted it to a mesh and used Face (ctrl F) > Beautify Faces

Last I used Face (ctrl F) > Tris to Quads, with high face angles.

Hope this helps a bit!

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Yeah, that is better, but that seems to take A LOT of work, and for a single letter. I wish Blender could automatically generated that kind of mesh when converting text in the first place, but if someone spent that much time doing that, it probably means that it is the only way… At least now I know there is a way, even though it takes a lot time to do so.

I guess there may not be a perfect universal algorithm that works for every font and font weight/style, but we are currently living in a world where A.I. is faking people’s faces and voices, recognising objects in pictures, etc, so maybe Blender could adopt some of that A.I. thing and create a better mesh for the majority of cases? I mean, the current one is so awful.

You can also spend 100$ on a remesher plugin…

I am poor and I am only a hobbyist so I will not buy it, but given how bad Blender’s remesh is, a professional would have to buy that…

I have downloaded the trial version and tested it. It had some minor problems (like the ‘g’) but it worked a lot better than Blender’s. I mean, Blender’s should have worked like this in the first place, in my opinion…

The top and bottom one was remeshed using that addon, and the middle one was remeshed using Blender’s in-built quad. Blender’s is unusable.

There was/is a standalone app usable as addon for 2.79 :
Results are better then pure blender but not so good as exoside: