Better way to create a Chain Mail


i’m trying to create a chainmail and found this method while googling:
but since every second chain is supposed to be rotated by 90 ° i don’t really know how to make it work.
if anyone has a good solution please let me know :slight_smile:

cheers christian

Maybe try this :

hey sanctuary,

well i don’t mean chain mail cloth but just a simple chain where everything stays interactive - like number of chain links

For making just a chain you could use an empty as offset object for an array modifier. Just rotate it 90°

hi morio,

i’m relatively new to blender … could you go a little more into detail? :slight_smile:

In the array modifier, check the box that says " object offset " and type in the name of the empty in the text field next to the checkbox. now rotate the empty to control the offset of your chain links.

thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:
maybe i should have mentioned in my first post that i want to make the chain follow along a spline.
so if i choose the array method i think there is no way to make it follow a curve while keeping its shape.
it will always be deformed if i use a curve modifier.
or is there a way to make the chain follow a curve without getting deformed?

once you’ve set up the array modifier, just apply it, which will turn it into a mesh, then procede as normal with the spline IK.
(edit) an alternative method would be to start by modelling two chain links, already joined together at the correct angle, then use the array modifier.

i think there is no way to make it follow a curve while keeping its shape

Correct. Curve modifier distorts objects. However it depends - if curvature is slight no one will tell something is distorted.
Use some object’s Array follow curve and then this object’s Duplication as a final step for the chain links; such chain was discussed approx. month or so back in detail here.

thanks guys! for now i will go with the method in my first post i guess and simply rotate every second chain to avoid distortions.
i already tried the add chain addon as well but it distorted the chains too unfortunately