Better way to Sculpt than what I'm doing? 3D Printing

Hey folks,

I was curious if there was a better way to start with a base mesh. I’ve been sculpting some bases for miniatures, but I’m sure my method isn’t the cleanest(or even proper to begin with)

Here’s my current method:

  1. Mesh Circle
  2. Grid Fill
  3. Extrude bottom to create lip/base
  4. Subdivide a ton
  5. Sculpt the base
  6. Save to print

The model ends up being heavily dense, I’m just uncertain how to go about it any other way. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

model some simple base mesh then go dyntopo

Thanks! Is there a way for Dynotopo to work with Texture images on a sculpt tool?

No, you need to prepare place (give more resolution with dyntopo) and then use texture brushes.

That’s very helpful! Thank you. So basically: Simpler base, dynotopo some resolution, texture brushes!