Betula House

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest commissioned project for Struct Steel.
Made in Blender and rendered with E-Cycles.



This is so beautiful!
I like the dusk mood very much. Mind sharing how did you make this mist/glow effect?
That window closeup shot is really cool. Just curious what is you background? Your shots are always so precise and impressive.

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Thank you so much, Kate! It means a lot to me.

To answer your questions:

Mist is an actual volume scatter (Principled Volume) material with variable density using the musgrave texture with its coordinates distorted using noise texture (just add a mix rgb node between texture coordinates for your musgrave and plug color output from the noise texture). On top of that, I added bloom in Corona Image Editor since it gives a very realistic result and it emphasized the lights the way I wanted.

What do you mean by my background? If you meant my education, there’s really nothing connected to arch-viz - I’m fueled by pure love for CG, design and photography (and lots of tutorials) :wink:

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These looks really nice!

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Thank you!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, merry Christmas!

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Thanks a lot, Bart and merry Christmas to you too!