Between The Rays

So I watched this tutorial on Blender Cookie on how to build an audio visualizer with python in Blender.
And so obviously i created or more like in the process of creating my own.

So here are some renders… the visualizer is on a big box floating in “space” and surrounding it is a sphere with a image mapped onto it.

I am currently rendering a short clip of the song i am using to see how the actual animation is playing, and will post that later on for critique, but by looking at these images, what do you think?

Oh yeah an the song ill be using is Orjan Nilsen - Between The Rays


Ok so it took 6 hrs to render 163 frames at 35% of Full HD resolution… Sigh.

I would really appreciate any and all critique on this, since i have no desire to waste time re-rendering over and over again :S
I want to make this as good as possible so i can render the full song. (about 5400 frames) :frowning: 3 min long song…

So first part on the you tube video is actually towards the end of the song (163 frames) then comes a break and then some fore Open GL rendered frames i know way too dark for those… but that is the view-port…

try to render with lowest resolution for testing. you have me interested in the tutorial. syncing music with visual.

Thanks Quaz, yeah i already realized that this was unacceptable and looked for ways to reduce my render times. I reduced some samples got rid of subsurf on the cube and instead applied bevel, mirror settings… but yeah i got it down to about a minute per frame, lowest i have seen is 36 seconds.

So I ran into a problem. I rendered about 2k of frames (png images) And got ready to combine them with the sound. When i checked the video it was out of sync! I had to move the image strip 45 frames forward to sync it. I checked my animation curves and they start at frame 1 just like the sound so why is it that it is synced in blender but not when it is rendered?
Actually to be more specific. if i start all the way from frame ane and go through the entire song then all is synced in blender otherwise i get that 45 frame lag.
Does anyone know what is up???

Well here is the 2k frames (synced) I want to start rendering in higher resolution, so does anyone have any thought about the current state? Is it lame and needs lots more work, or is it fine as it is?

DDD I have run into the same sync problems . Help with this for me is a lot of trial and error. There is little help for noobs like me. low speed dialup makes it impossible to download anything. Adding the sound track later has worked for me . I tryed to test an audio blend file in animations under the name “poly lo stick” . Got people viewing it but no response. I have used different frame rates and found some are better than others to
sync music to. I put an animation on blend swap called “hypnotic view” and found it syncs well to 4/4 music.

can not recall the frame rate and picture format . I think it uses the same as the harry pott videos.


Ok so I finished rendering all the frames and here is the final result.

What do you guys think?
I will render an HD version whenever i get a better computer… which could be soon so i’ll take any comments into consideration for the real final result.

Motion blur looks great, some interactive lighting would be cool too! You could drive lamp values from the audio too. I just think that the camera angles need some work as some drama is missing.