Bevel 2.5

I searched the internet on this but found nothing. What happened to the edge bevel?
I found the modifier but didn’t find any info on how to set the weights.



If you’d searched these forums you would have found lots of discussion about what tools in 2.49 are missing from 2.5. In a nutshell bevel is not included in 2.5.

I did a Google search. I did find the modifier tho, but no instructions on how to weight the corner.
I thought I’d go to 2.5 and try and learn the interface, but I may stick with 2.49 for now.
I found that 2.5 runs a bit choppy on my laptop, like it lags when moving around.

bevel uses bmesh, which isn’t integrated into 2.5 until it’s ready
(2.49 had a bit of bmesh functionality present)

Ah! Now I’ll look up bmesh. :slight_smile:
I’m coming from Max, Carrara, Bryce & Hexagon, so I’m about 4 months into Blender. So far I like it.