Bevel 2d mesh

Is there a way to bevel 2d mesh in Blender?

I have traced the shape of the bench with rough geometry and I would like to make it more smooth. Basically I would like to bevel this 2d geometry.

Select vertices, press SHIFT+CTRL+b (or CTRL+ v -> Bevel) to bevel those vertices (remember press F6 to tweak the result or look into the operator panel at the bottom of the toolshelf, to the left of the 3D View).
unfortunately the bevel segments does not work for vertice bevel, or it would be too awesome i guess, so you’ll have to select again vertices and bevel the vertices again

Or enable the Mesh : Extra Tools addon from the file -> preferences -> addon -> testing category
(from a buildbot build, the testing addon category is never included in “stable” release)
Select the edges you want and use the Edge Fillet Plus :
press F6 to tweak settings

Thanks a lot for such a detailed explanation! I agree that bevel could work much better.

I will need need to try that Extra Tool Addon. I just need to learn how to install it because I am just a beginner with Blender.

Download a buildbot version of Blender (that correspond to your system of course) :

As you’re new, i’ll tell you : buildbot versions of Blender are regularly (often every day) build on the current status of the source code, that is ever improved/updated/bugfixed while the “stable” release you get from :

is using the blender source code from the time the “stable” release has been made, meaning that buildbot versions have more bugfixes, sometime more features, and sometime new bugs (often coming from new features) that are fixed when discovered.
Usually buildbots version are as stable as the “stable” old releases.

Launch that version of Blender, click on File -> User Preferences, then in the window popping up go to the Addons panel.
To the left of the screen are enabled “Official” and “Community”.
Enable “Testing” to get access to more addons.

Now click on the “Mesh” category , still on the left of the panel, and find Mesh : Mesh Extra Tools .
Enable it. And you’ll have access to the Mesh Extra Tools in Edit mode.