Bevel Advice Please :)


I’m a newbie to Blender but been doing ok until this problem :frowning: .
Any advice would be much appreciated.

I need to bevel a curved section that leads to a thin end but when i do the faces / edges overlap.
Same also happens on another section of my design, if i Bevel a little it’s ok but go to far and again it overlaps.

have also tried the Bevel Modifier but still no good.

I’m wondering if there is a neat little trick to solve this or a rule of some kind?


I played around with similar geo, and I can’t figure out a way to tweak the it so you get good results with beveling alone.

You might have to do a hybrid of subdivision modeling and some very light beveling to get the results you want. SubD is a huge subject though, you’ll have to Google it to find out more. :eyebrowlift:

Hey ALIEN, welcome to Blender!

It’s supposed to work with the option clamp overlap, with the bevel tool as well as the modifier.

Looks like you’re using Blender 2.78. I tested with version 2.79, which is out btw :), but the overlap still happens. It works fine with the buildbot development version from today, though, both modifier and bevel tool. So if we get a 2.79a update, it should then be fixed.

You can try the daily build from buildbot, but keep in mind that it might contain other bugs. In my experience those builds are usually fairly stable, though, at least the official 2.79 ones from the first section. Link:

If you want to make the buildbot version self contained so that it uses its own settings and you can try it safely, extract the zip somewhere and create a directory named config like this: <blender dir>/2.79/config, alongside the folders datafiles, python, scripts that are already there.

Have fun, I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Hello Pableaux & Sanne

Apologies for late reply, i had to wait for my post to be a approved.

I really appreciate your replies and i will indeed try your advice.
Need to bevel both sides so it looks like a half pipe, it works with a blunt end but a point is a real problem.
I did try the clamp but you can only bevel so far, i guess it’s for good reason.

Hopefully future updates will resolve this problem for everyone, it would be an absolute god send.


Sorry Sanne, forgot to mention the Buildbot thing.

Being a newbie to Blender i’m still getting to grips with other pieces of software.
I’ve already 3D printed using Blender, got it right first time :smiley: but i’m not at all familiar with Buildbot.

Is it part of Blender? Some kind of addon?

Thanks ALIEN

Sorry, I should have explained better. The Blender buildbot builds (i.e. compiles) a daily Blender version from the source code currently in development. It’s just like the released Blender version, except you get all the fixes (and possible new bugs) that happened since the last release of Blender (2.79 at this time).

Those development versions are provided by the Blender Foundation for people who like to check on new developments or for people like you, who run into a problem in the latest Blender that is fixed already in development, but not released yet.

I found your problem fixed in the development version from yesterday, might be worth a try. Just download the 2.79 development version for your OS from the first section, extract it somewhere, optionally make it self contained regarding the config folder, and execute the Blender binary inside the extracted folder.

Congrats for successfully doing a 3D print! I’ve never tried myself. What did you make?

Hi Sanne

Many thanks for your well detailed reply, things are much clearer now.
I will download and give it a go tonight, i had no idea how powerful and so well established Blender is, incredible!

I was blown away by the 3D printing, i just put together a small flat design measuring 150mm x 150mm x 10mm.
It was a design relating to the Nostromo Ship as seen in the ALIEN 1979 movie, you can guess i’m a fan :eyebrowlift: .
A wall panel but on a smaller scale than i’m doing now which will be made of several parts.
Just emailed the .stl file and a week later i had it through the letterbox.

Please give 3D printing a try Sanne, there are many individuals on ebay offering printing, that’s where i found mine or if your in the UK i could give you my contact who did mine.

Thanks again for all your help & advice, i’ll return and add some updated images after giving it a try as to help others.


ah, so that’s where your nickname comes from :). Sounds interesting, your printing project. Cool that we can bring things to life that way! ALIEN was a ground breaking movie IMO, not only because of its then fairly unusual dark and industrial atmosphere in a space ship, but also because for once we got such a powerful female with Ripley. Being female myself, I very much appreciate this character. I’m not a fan per se though, it’s a bit too dark for me, but still, great movie.

I hope all goes well with your test of the Blender dev version, I’m looking forward to hearing back from you how it went.

Hi Senne, or should i say the Ellen Ripley of Blender :slight_smile: .

I downloaded the stable version of Blender Builder (windows 64 bit version) under heading : These builds are done by new compilers which are aiming to become official.

Sadly i found the problem not to be solved so guessing i’m doing something wrong.
I’m using Edge>Bevel option after selecting the top edges requiring to be bevelled.

Here’s some pics, i’m getting the same result as before :

Thanks again from your ALIEN friend!

Does anyone know if some kind of Bevel Fix is being worked on?

Hi ALIEN, I missed your reply, got no notification as I usually get with replies. I’m sorry!

Hmm, better try those under the first section as I recommended, those who have “Official” in the variation column. If it’s still happening, you can share your blend if you like, I’ll have a look (if not too large, otherwise please make simple test case that shows the problem). You can share the file at

Will check a bit more later, gotta run. Take care!

I’m back. Your screenshots don’t show if you have checked the clamp overlap option, which should prevent the problem. Have you? See tool screenshot, modifier screenshot.

Got good results using boolean.

Make both volumes as separate objects, bevel them separately, and then boolean intersection the shapes together. A bit more work than a simple bevel operation, but the results speak for themselves.

Hi Sanne

Apologies for late reply, been on holiday :slight_smile:

Thanks for offering to take a look but in the end i just allowed the faces to overlap, then deleted the unwanted faces and did a repair by moving the Verts into position, the result finally did the job.

I see another solution using boolean has been suggested, this i’ll give a try as it’s great to learn new techniques.

Again my sincere thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi dudecon

Many thanks for taking the time to try the boolean method, it’s something i’ve not tried before and the results do indeed look great.
I’m still on the big learning curve with blender and this advice is very much appreciated.

To solve the problem i just allowed the faces to overlap and then did a repair but would be nice to have a perfect finish.

Thanks again!


glad you got it solved and I hope you had a nice holiday! :slight_smile:

Since you’re new to Blender, it might be good to know that the next major Blender version, 2.80, will be an unusual update with some big workflow changes. I thought you might want to know that in case you haven’t heared already. Usually there are not so big changes, but this time it’s significant. You can read about it on if you like.