Bevel along a path problem

Having a problem with beveling along a path.

When I use a continuous path say around rectangle “[]” the bevel profile is correct, but if I remove a section of that rectangle “||" the bevel becomes squeezed near the corners of the "||” - Tried many different settings but still get this effect.

make sure your curve is 2D:

Thanks. That work perfectly to get rid of squished corners. Now path is turned “inside out”, the edge is extruded out verses inward and what is supposed to be the outside edge is inner and visa versa. Can’t seem to find combination of reversing normals, rotation changing path origin to get it fixed.

Is Beizier required to do this correctly verse just converting an object to a path?

hard to say without the file, the normals seem ok, maybe play with the curve’s bevel object, i.e. try to rotate it in Edit mode. Also when you reply to a post, please click on the Reply button under the post itself, otherwise I won’t be notified