bevel amount snap to huge value

When I bevel any edge, one tiny touch my mouse, the offset amount will snap to 1000000.0000, so only way to use bevel is input manually.
Almost sure it’s my blender issue because another computer’s blender 2.79 works well. Not really interested digging this. Just hope anyone ran into this before and happened to have a quick fix? Thanks a lot.

in object mode, apply Scale.

you might also wanna try changing the value in the input box once, set it to 1, confirm, then try to bevel again.

Thanks believe me appling scale is my daily routine. Also tried set it to 1, reset to default, etc. next bevel is good, but when I try again, boom

Taki watch teh video i gave you, i explain why it happens, and why it is that way. its not a bug, and its not a bad thing, if used correctly it can save you a lot of time.