Bevel cargo container hinges

Hey guys I’m doing a cargo ship container and I’m currently doing the door’s hinges, I’d like to bevel the inside and outside edges of them but I don’t know why this happens:

Tell me what should I try because I don’t know what else to do, thanks in advance.

You can try this things before doing your bevel :
First : see if you had any double vertices at some point or non-connected vertices at corners.

  • Try recalculate your faces normals
  • Apply Scale and Rotation
  • Delete your faces one by one and fill it with “f” key.

If none of the solutions work, could you let me see the .blend file ?


I’m with @Kazrarr; look here:

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Yes, I do everything that you mention, I’ll delete all the inside face and make it again with extrude along normals.

Maybe just try merge by distance first ?

Already tried but nothing

I’m rebuilding the faces but I have this bevel issue:

At the corners there are multiple edges and if I try to fill it it looks weird.

Okay I dissolved all the ebvel corner edges minus one and it’s okay now:

How can I bevel the outside edges? Because they touch the inside one that are beveled:

Dissolved maybe a bit too much, but almost:

Okay so to let the outter edge bevel nice I shouldn’t have beveled all the way the inner one, right?

Hmm, the real problem is your topology. My example was just a cube, a bit extrusion, inset and extrude along normal. Last gives a bit crooked geo because the edges have different distances (would be more exact if extruded outward single poly not alltogeter, but anyway). I don’t know why you have so many unneeded verteces on the edges… Maybe show (or share) this special part the it before beveling?

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Yes you’re right, anyways I’m going to leave it as I did without that bad outetr bevel as it’s fine for what I’m doing, thanks a lot!

You can bevel the outer and inner in the same step if you select the faces.

bevel.blend (129.1 KB)