Bevel Center script crashes Blender 2.35

You can’t apply a crease on an edge and use Bevel Center on it. Blender dies. I created a cube, subsurfed it and selected some edges. Hit Shift+E and adjusted the weight to 1. Then I decided to bevel those edges, so I opened up Bevel Center. Blender crashed :o .

It works for me, though I creased the whole edge-ring. But… when I tried to go into edit mode it crashed.


So, anybody got a workaround for it? Or do I just avoid the script?

If you bevel first and then mark it as a seam it works.
Maybe Theeth or Zero-D will comment but I think it’s logical that bevelling a seam doesn’t work [though it shouldn’t crash], since it’s effectivly trying to split a seam, ie: make 3 seams out of one.


Submit a bug report ASAP.